Friday, July 9, 2010

Pixy Stix scented polish- Maui Punch

The next polish I tried was Maui Punch.  This is a frosty, glowy blue color.  It is also VERY sheer- I stopped counting at 4 coats...

As you can see, I still have VNL...  next time I will put it over white I guess!!  This one doesn't smell much like fruit punch, more like fabric softener... I was hoping it would be like Hawaiian Punch!  Oh well, it is still pretty!!  What color/flavor do you want to see next- orange or cherry?

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Until Later,


jbrobeck said...

um, does it smell like Downey? I love the smell of downey. I could put my fingers to my nose and pretend like i am sleeping in clean sheets. ;o)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

LOL to jbrobeck. It still smells good is my guess, and that's coolness! I'm a Snuggle kinda girl myself.

KarenD said...

Over four coats and I lose interest, so yeah layering seems like the way to go.

My house is a Snuggle house, though the bear has confused me recently with scents like Blue Sparkle--what does sparkle smell like?

Amberski said...

It's more like a floral store brand fabric softener smell, but it wasn't bad... not my fave though!!