Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last two Pixy Stix scented polishes- Orange and Cherry

Here are the last 2 polishes from my giveaway.  First up, we have Orange.  It is also sheer, and I completely forgot to try it over white!!  This is about 4 coats:

My pictures don't show the bit of shimmer these have, it kind of looks like a lollipop on your nails!  It also smelled like an orange lollipop, but the smell didn't stick around as long as the Grape did.  It also matched the Cheetos I was pigging out on as well!!

Next up is Cherry.  I remembered to put this one over white!!  Please excuse the crappy application though, I did this in a friend's garage at about 9 pm while Mr. Ski was throwing darts... (3 coats over white)

This was more orange colored to me than cherry, but it smelled like cherry, and was totally yum!!  I kept smelling my hands, just like I did with Grape.  Mr. Ski told me that my fingers looked "1968 Chevy Camaro orange" and that I should have put a racing stripe with the white...  : )

These are fun polishes, and I hope the winner enjoys them as much as I do!!

Until later,


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Yummy! I love this idea of scented nail lacquer for your giveaway. I can't remember seeing anyone do that and I'm always thinking of unusual giveaway stuff that people don't normally do. :) those look like they're a lot of fun.