Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yeaterday was Ski Jr.'s 13th birthday.  It seems like just yesterday I was a scared 22 year old bringing home this tiny human!  I had no idea what I was doing, and I couldn't believe they trusted me with him...  Now he is 13 and in middle school.  Soon he will be interested in girls, learning to drive, and graduating from high school!  Time goes by so fast.

There is another birthday to celebrate- my blog is 1 year old!!  When I started it last year, it was mainly a place to talk, but it morphed into nail polish...  I know I am not the best writer, and I suck at taking pictures and posting regularly, but I appreciate you guys reading.  Thanks for putting up with my babbles for a whole year!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, and I promise I will post again soon!

Until later,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Franken- from poop to pretty!

This is one of my first successful frankens!  I re-discovered OPI Shim-mery Chic in my stash last night and decided that it looked like sparkley poop.  I was complaining on Twitter, and Scandalous suggested that I add red and clear to it...   Since she is the franken Queen, of course I took her advice!!

This is how it turned out:

Please excuse my crap polish job, I had the Princess up my butt while I was trying to paint, LOL.  I have no idea what to call this color, any suggestions?

Until Later,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Man Glaze and other random stuff

So, I had a post all planned out to do on the day before Thanksgivivng, but Mr. Ski needed his computer.  No problem, (I thought) I will do it when he gets home....  guess who left his computer at work?  Normally, this would be no big deal, but the next day was Thanksgiving, and Friday we were flying out to Key West.  That's life, I guess!! 

I went to an out door concert a while back, and since it was a punk band, I decided to go with Man Glaze Fuggin Ugly.  I loved this polish, but it was pretty chippy- I had a chip before I even got to the concert.  I think net time I wear it, I will use a top coat.

I went to get my hair done recently, and the girl had OPI polish for sale.  Since I had given her a crapton of stuff before we moved, the cut and color was free, and she threw in a polish.  I picked OPI DS Reflection.  Oddly, the cap is black, but the polish looks like the swatches I have seen:

Sorry for the tipwear, I think this was after a few days. 

We went to Key West on Friday, and I scoured the Dollar Tree looking for those Sally Hansen Prisms that everyone is finding...  no luck.  Mr. Ski picked up a pack of NYC and Pro 10 (I believe) for me- the NYC was Molten Metal and #229, Pro 10 had Morph and an orange that I can't remember the name of.... 

I am going to leave you with a shot or 2 from Key West-

This is the Artist House- I believe it is supposed to be haunted, like most of Key West.  It was the original home of Robert the Doll.

This one is pretty self explainitory...  please excuse my dopey looks, I had a stye on my eye that pretty much swelled it shut- I almost wore a pirate patch on the trip!

This next one is from the Ghost tour- we stopped at the Auduban Haouse, and I caught this on film.  Apparently, the orb is next to the room where the children had died of yellow fever.

Anyway, I have tons more pics, but I need to resize and do a few things.  Maybe I will share more soon!!

Until Later,