Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOTD- Funky Fingers Fashion Addict

I went to 5 Below last night in hopes of finding some of the newer Funky Fingers...  apparently everyone else around here did too!!  There wasn't much there, but I did manage to find Fashion Addict for $1!!  It is a mini bottle, so I may have to go get another, but you can't beat $1....

This is 4 coats, sunlight picture...  my camera had a mini freakout trying to capture this, so this is the only pic I was able to get.  It is a scattered holo (I guess that's how you would describe it... ) and looks amazing in the sun!!  Funky Fingers is essentially the same as Color Club, so if you come across it, pick it up!!  I was going to do a 4th of July mani, but I think I am going to keep this on as long as possible- love it!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!!

Until Later,


Rici said...

Oooh I may be slowly turning me into a fellow polish addict. eek!

Amberski said...

yay!! I know that Rhiann has a small addiction, I will bring all of you to the dark side! Mwah-hahahaha!