Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Mani

I got too wrapped up in the game to post this last night!  I couldn't decide who I was going to root for, so I did each hand in different teams.

First up, The Colts!

This is 2 coats ChG Bermuda Breakaway and 3 coats ChG The Ten Man (I don't own any white...)

Next, Geaux Saints!!
This was 1 (!!) coat WnW Black Creme and 3 coats ChG Cowardly Lyin' (which didn't like me, so I added 1 coat of LA girls Rockstar Live on Stage)

I messed up the Saints hand, and told Mr. Ski that I hoped it didn't jinx them- guess it didn't!!  I was back and forth the whole game as to whom I wanted to win, but the Saints deserved it!  I am a Peyton Manning fan, but he has been there, and the Saints have NEVER won the Super Bowl, I believe.  (I could be wrong...)

Anywhoo, I have already removed this and put on something else, but I will post that later!

Until then,