Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wanted to post this yesterday, but I had to wait until I confirmed that my swap partner received her end of the swap.  I had one of my major lemmings satisfied!!  You are going to have to wait a few to see that though!  First, i have my NOTD (actually weekend):

Mr. Ski and I had a date on Saturday night, and since Mint Sorbet was chipping, I asked him to pick a color for me to wear.  He said "Wear something dark, like red."  Red is dark??  Okaaay....  I was over red because of Valentine's day, but I humored him, and picked China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  This one gets a lot of love on MUA nail board, and now I know why!  Yummy red jelly with glittah!!

This is 3 coats, (base and SV as always.)  She didn't want to photograph well, and of course there is no sun here...

I was scared to remove it, because I was out of foil, but I have been using an old cloth baby diaper to remove my polish lately and it came off quite easily.

Now for the best part!!  I swapped for this with a lovely girl from MUA.  Are you ready??

Yes!!  Now, as some of you know, there are a few versions.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that it was a holo version:

Definitely some holo there!!  Yay!!  Here is 2 thin coats over Wet n wild Black.  Sorry for the lack of cleanup, I was too excited!!  (I am like a toddler with a new toy!!)

You can see a bit of the holo, but I wish there was sun so you could see it better!!

Anyway, I am going to go drink my coffee and stare at my fingers now....

Until Later,


Michèle said...

Oh wow you got the holo version! So beautiful! Loving the Ruby Pumps on you as well :-)

Tierney said...

Ahh, I want that so bad! Actually, right now I want any holo. I have none! :o
Anyways, that looks great!! Love it.

Amberski said...

Thanks, Michele! Tierney, get thyself to a Walgreens or CVS and get one of the Milani holos! This is my first, and I have a Milani on it's was from a swap and I am in love!! Thanks!!