Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Non nail polish post for the day....

I felt like doing a random post, bear with me!!  This will probably be ramble-y!!

The Princess is on her 3rd or 4th outfit for the day and bouncing on the sofa like a madwoman- I swear I haven't given her sugar!!  She changes her clothes more than anyone I have ever met- I can't figure it out... I am still in my jammies- didn't feel like getting dressed today, LOL!   I have a girly girl.  How in the heck did that happen?  I don't wear make up, rarely will you see me in a skirt.  I do wear jewelry- my wedding rings and a ring Mr. Ski gave me, a cool wish necklace my mom gave me for Christmas (here is a link to it- it is neat! )  and if I am actually leaving the house, I will add another necklace and my watch.  Sometimes I even add earrings- I have 3 piercings in each ear though- that's alot of earrings!  The Princess, however, loves pink, wears dresses and plays dress up, wants her nails done as much as I do mine, and wants to be a ballerina...  go figure!

Does anyone else watch Lost?  I have just started to watch it again, and I am confused already... sigh....

Anyway, like I said, ramble-y!  I need to get on the ball and do some things around the house, but I am not feeling it today.  For some reason, my headache is back, and my back hurts.  Just a little background on my back issues, I have herniated disks in my back and a rotated sacrum.  I have also fractured my tailbone twice- one when I was a teen and fell off a skateboard, and once in childbirth- Ski Jr.  Back in October, I had Bi-lateral S.I. injections, but they are starting to wear off...  ugh.  After those injections, I was pain free for the first time in 12 years, so I think they are worth it, they just hurt like heck!  Oh, well... just need to suck it up and call the doctor to get them again.

That's all the ramble I will subject y'all to for now, but I want you guys to tell me something about you!! I want to know more about the people who pay attention to my little blog! : )

Until Later,


Tierney said...

Omg, so my mom actually sells those necklaces in the shop she owns! They're really cute, I love them.
Hm, something about me. Well, like you, I don't wear make up, which drives my sisters insane. I have a few really cute dresses but I never wear them. I prefer my jeans! I adopt people I really like, most of them are friends of my parents who are now my adopted aunties and uncles. I rarely hang out with people my age, they annoy me. Finally, I love your blog!! Haha, long comment - oops!

Amberski said...

Tierney- only one of my 3 sisters wears make up, none of us are very girly! Maybe because we lived with my dad after my parents split... : )thanks for your support, I am glad you enjoy my babbles. I read yours too and enjoy it!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I have only decided to be girly since getting on this nail crack! LOL....I love sports; I play French Horn and I am a pro photographer (www.studiowhiteoak.com)....I LOVE golf - there is 22 years between my and my husband, The Commish - I gave up new-buy for Lent -
I eat my toast plain and pancakes with only butter....

I love randomness!


Amberski said...

Wow, Tiffani- 22 years! Mr. Ski acts like the 5 years between us is an eternity sometimes!