Friday, October 15, 2010

NOTD- China Glaz Zombie Zest

I asked on twitter the other day what I should do for my next mani, and jbrobs suggested I do ChG Zombie Zest over OPI Who the Shrek are You.  Here you go, twin!!

I think that putting over a green kind of adds to the color...  It was a tad streaky, but that could have been user error, LOL!  My camera had a hard time picking up this polish, it looked much better in real life.  We kept calling it "glitter snot" the whole time I wore it!!

Today is Mr. Ski's 40th birthday, and we are going to try and go out for a bit.  I need to figure out what polish I am going to wear, and maybe I will show you!! 

Until Later,


jbrobeck said...

yay! i must say i am basking in all the attention you have given me!

random fact: i am allergic to most beer. i have to drink bud light or my sinuses go haywire. not a pretty sight. naturally, being the idiot that I am, i still occasionally indulge in "good" beer. last time this happened, i couldn't breathe at all, i had to stay home sick. i put this on. it made me feel better!

MissMidnightBlue said...

Nice combo! I like this. Yay for jbrobs idea,I'll have to try that.