Friday, May 7, 2010

Stupid doctor's appointment and Hidden Treasure pics!

I went to the clinic today to have blood work done and finally see the pain management specialist...  After waiting 3 hours, I saw the doctor for the the blood work.  I told him my concerns about possibly being diabetic, and he told me to follow the diet that they gave me for gestational diabetes, exercise more, and de-stress.  He also decided to test my thyroid.  I have lost about 12 pounds since I saw them last, and I was too skinny before.  I am 5'7" and weigh 106 as of today.  He was very concerned about that, especially since my appetite has increased but I am still losing weight.  I have always been too skinny, but this is ridiculous!  They blew out a vein in the crease of my elbow, so I now look like an addict, but they finally got their sample and said they will call.  Just as I was going to go back and wait for pain management, they told me that it was postponed YET again!!  UGH!!  I now have to wait until the 21st before I can talk to them about scheduling more injections...

Thanks for letting me rant about my crappy clinic experience, now on to the pretties!!  I have been putting HT over everything!!  First I tried pale pink- this is HT over TBN French Pink:


Then I tried layering it over an old Sinful from my freecycle score.  This is Sinful Phoenix by itself.  (Excuse the yellow hands, but the polish is color accurate.)

This is with HT:

Not so much love for this one...  too much gold.  (that is the inside of my freezer by the way, it was the only decent lighting, LOL!)

Last, my mani for today.  I had two compliments on it at the clinic!!  This is HT over Ulta3 Spring Shower (a pretty, robin egg blue)

Love, love!!  HT probably going to go over everything!!  I need to grab a bottle when it actually makes it here!!

Anyway, thanks for reading my non polish ramble!!  I just needed to vent...

Until later,


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I hope you find out the results soon. Are you losing hair and/or are your eyes bulgy? So, it's most likely hyperthyroid...if not, then it's something else. Girl! Take good care of yourself!

jellynat said...

Me who thought that diabete only touch people who tend to be overweight. I hope you don't have anything wrong. :(

I love Hidden Treasure over the light pink. I have Maybelline #25 top coat (which resemble the Sally Hansen) and when I tried it over Essie Lilacism, it didn't give anything. Weird, I don't know why!

Take big care ok?

Amberski said...

Liz- Mr. Ski said my eyes were a bit bulgy and I shed hair like my dog does... oh joy!!

jellynat- I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my last child, so that puts me at a higher risk for diabetes. Hopefully, I am just worrying over nothing, though!!

Jackie S. said...

I LOVE the freezer pic, Hilarious!