Friday, May 28, 2010

Going out of town...

First, thanks for all the sweet comments about my last post!!  I normally don't post pictures of myself- the camera and I are not friends, but those are two of the best pics of Mr. Ski and me.  I forgot to tell y'all about the proposal as well!!  It was so romantic! (haha)  Mr. Ski woke up one morning and said " Hey, let's go get married today!" Sweet, huh?  We went to the courthouse and got married that afternoon, went to lunch at McDonald's. and then bith went to work that night!  Great wedding day!  My in laws offered us a honeymoon in the Bahamas, but we turned it down because I was pregnant and didn't think I would enjoy myself as much.  They threw us a big party instead, and Mr. Ski put on the invitations that hawaiian shirts were encouraged!  It was a blast!

Anyway, I am going to the Outer Banks this weekend to celebrate the anniversary and my birthday, so I will be MIA for a few days.  The cottage does not have internet, and I am completely ok with that!!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, and a safe Memorial Day.  Thank you to all who have served (and still serve) our country.

Until Later,


jbrobeck said...

enjoy your getaway! i eloped too. dan and i were still dating, he asked me to move to iowa with him, and i told him we would have to get married first because i would lose my health insurance. now THAT is romantic!