Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some China Glaze, Claire's and more Hidden Treasure

Sorry for the lapse in posts again, my Mac is still non functioning, boo hoo!!  I have some pics for you, though, so maybe that will make up for it!
First, I received China Glaze LOL in a swap with a great lady!  This is 3 coats:

Isn' she gorgeous?!!  Love it!!  Next up, I have another of The Claire's Mood polishes from Metro Chic's giveaway.  This is Daring/Innocent:



This is how it looked most of the time:

Last, but not least, I put 2 coats of Hidden Treasure over NYC Skin Tight Denim, and then added China Glaze Matte Magic:

Awesome, right?  Loved this as well!!  I should have more Mood polishes and a China Glaze review for y'all in the next few days, bear with me!!

And for anyone who was wondering how my doctor's appointment went on Friday, they are scheduling the S.I. injection appointment for me (hopefully soon!) and my blood tests came back fine- my thyroid levels are on the high side, but not enough to warrant treating...  Thanks for the support with that ladies!!

Last but not least- Scandalous- you better not quit on me!!

Until Later,


Evil Angel said...

All very pretty! I love holos so that is my favorite!
Your wordverification says Terd state...lol

Amberski said...

LOL- terd state... that's where I live- a state full of turds!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...


jbrobeck said...

i love love love matte flakies! looks great over that color blue...

my word verification is not quite as exciting... ferspu

i fer spu u?

Anonymous said...

my word ver is necids. i'm just gonna say it said nekkid =) kick ass color on you

KarenD said...

I need to grow my nails out some before I can wear my Claire's moods and get the full effect.

I couldn't resist tagging you with the Sweet Blog award:


Amberski said...

thanksy'all!! Thanks for the tag, Karen- I will get to it soon- promise!!