Friday, March 26, 2010

Rain, rain....

Sorry I haven't been around, I have been feeling blah again.  The weather here has gone from 70 degrees and sunny to 45 degrees and rainy.  Needless to say, it is wreaking havoc on my back/knees and my mood.  All I want to do is try to lie on the couch and read.  I promise I will snap out of it soon- I have a tag from Tierney to do, a few new polishes I want to show you (once I get more remover, LOL) and I am sure that I have some other things I can talk about!!

I may pop back in later this evening, if not- have a wonderful weekend!!

Until later,


Tierney said...

Oh that is sad about the weather. Rain bums me out. Hope you feel better soon!

Lucy said...

Nice to meet you! Just found you on Brooke's blog. I've got some catching up to do with your blog. It's was beautiful the beginning of the week and has been raining the rest. The sun thought weak is starting to come out. I feel better when it's sunny.

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Hey Amber, the sunny days are coming and there will be plenty of flowers...sorry you're hurting. :(
Hope you feel sunny and better soon.

Amberski said...

Thanks, Tierney!!

Lucy, welcome!! nice to meet you!

Elizabeth, my appointment is actually coming up to discuss getting the injections again, so I am very close to feeling better!!

There is a saying around here about the weather- if you don't like it, stick around a few minutes and it will change!!

susies1955 said...

I will switch weather with you. It is 12° here in northern NY. BRRRRRRRRRRR.
Love your ChG Grape Pop mani. Hope you feel like posted more soon. :)