Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

So, I had a green comp to show you, and I added on to my mani, but my camera died- need new batteries!  Sigh, I have to get Mr. Ski to pick them up on the way home so that I can post these pics for you....  Unfortunately, my computer doesn't have a card reader on it, so I need the camera itself...

We are making corned beef and cabbage tonight to celebrate, and my house smells like vinegar.  I love the smell of vinegar- is that weird??  Neither Mr. Ski nor I happen to be Irish (he is a Poli-pino and I am Scottish and German...) but we love corned beef and cabbage!!

What are you guys doing to celebrate?

Until Later,


Stephanie said...

That's what I'm cooking too ;)

I just realized you aren't on my blogroll so I just added you. Have a great vinegar-y day!

Amberski said...

Cool, thanks! I can't wait for dinner- the smell is making me so hungry!!

sarahloo said...

I love the smell of vinegar too. & gasoline! & skunk. ha!