Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to nail polish!

I am stuck at home with sick munchkins, so sorry if this post is a bit rushed!  I had to run out on Saturday to get a present for a baby shower and a party that Ski. Jr. was going to, so I popped in to 5 Below and walked out with 3 polishes. (Funky Fingers are 3 for $5)  As soon as I got back from dropping Ski Jr. off at the party, I put on the first one.  Totally in love!!

It's kind of hard to see, but this is a holo! It is called Jester, and I believe it is the same as Color Club Wild at Heart. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong, ladies!)  Here it is with flash:

Pretty, huh?  This was 2 coats...  Mr. Ski and I went out that night, and I couldn't stop looking at my hands!

I decided to change it this morning, so I grabbed another of the Funky Fingers- Bizerk Turk.  The formula on this one irritated me, thin and streaky.  I ended up using 4 coats!

My pictures did not capture the color at all- it is way more green than this!  I decided that after the holo this weekend, I wanted more oomph, so I added 2 coats of Heartbreaker over it.  Once again, my camera didn't want to capture the color right, but here we go.

I might have to try to take better pictures tonight under the lamp!!

Until Later,


lovelyviolet5 said...

Lovely colours!!!both!!

Tierney said...

I love these colors!!

R3Beauty said...

I miss 5Below! That store is the best! I love the first one! Oh 5Below - why are you not in my area anymore?

Hope the munchkins are feeling better soon!

Amberski said...

Thanks Ladies! Ski Jr. went to school today, he is a bit better... the Princess on the other hand is not, and she is a bit whiny today, poor thing!