Friday, January 22, 2010

Massive Haul!!! Warning, very picture heavy!

As promised, here are pictures of things that have arrived this week.  First up, a care package from a lovely person who will remain unnamed.

Ruby Pumps, C-c-c-courage, Dorothy Who

Ten Man, Good Witch, Cowardly Lyin

Gussied Up Green, Paper Chasing, Watermelon Rind, Entourage, Outta Bounds

Designer Satin, Seduce Me, Ravishing Dahling, Stroll

Recycle, Black Diamond, Awaken, Wagon Trail

Custom Kicks, Calypso Blue, Rodeo Fanatic, Up All Night

Bermuda Breakaway, Evening Seduction, VIII, Unknown (the label was gone- any ideas?)
I also got Seche Vite base coat, ridge filler, and topcoat, and Seche Restore...

Next, I was the first to comment on a post on Polish Freak's blog, and I won this:

Alice in Wonderland minis!!

and last, but not least, I told you all I won the contest on Short n Chic's blog...  here are my prizes:

 OPI Shim-mery Chic, Shorts Story, Sinful Colors San Francisco, and SH Opulent Cloud!!  There is alos some wonderful lotion and Avon bubble bath that the Princess is excited over.

Whew!  That was alot!!  I can't wait to start trying these out.  I guess I will be doing more NOTDs in the future!

Until later,


Stephanie said...

Holy crap, you got a lot of stuff! I'm glad your daughter is excited over the bubble bath. It smells really nice. I am especially glad that the polishes didn't break in transit :)

Amberski said...

I know, right?? Crazy week! She has been bugging me all day to take a bath- she hates baths!!