Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little soap opera talk

does anyone else get slightly freaked out by James Franco's character on General Hospital? I watch him, and he creeps me out! The writers did a very good job with this one, in my opinion. I will be sad to see him go!

I did enjoy the flashbacks on All My Children the other day. I am a relatively new viewer, so it was nice to see some history. A little sad that Zack and Kendall left, though...

One Life to Live is probably my least favorite right now. Todd and Tea are irritating, Blair is whiny, and Gigi and Rex are pissing me off. I usually pay half attention to it and wait patiently for GH. GH has always been my favorite. I remember watching it when I was young, back in the Luke and Laura days. (Does that make me sound old, that I remember Luke and Laura's wedding? Ugh!)

Oh well, it is very late, and I need to wake Ski Jr. up early for school. More to come soon!