Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Sorry - I disappeared again, didn't I?  Weekends tend to be full of family, so there isn't much time to post... I did watch the playoffs last night- I was totally rooting for the Vikings!  Sigh, oh well...  Good for the Saints though.  I am playing a Superbowl mani that I will show you around gametime, Mr. Ski helped me pick the colors!

Here are my weekend NOTDs...

This was Saturday night, it chipped by Sunday afternoon...

base coat, 3 coats China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic, 1 coat SV.  I absolutely LOVE this color.  The pics don't do it justice- it is a blue color that shows a bit of green in the sun.

It also matched my fugly couch:

I let the Princess pick my mani today.

This is bc, 3 coats Zoya Katy, and SV.  I don't normally wear pinks too often, but The Princess insisted!!

That's all I have to babble about for now, I promise I will try to stop in tomorrow!

Until later,