Friday, April 22, 2011

Red Friday- Cult Nails Quench

a few weeks back, Ange did a Red Friday post.  I thought it was a good thing and intended on joining in, but I am a forgetful person, LOL.  I finally remembered this week!

I come from a large military area.  You can't spit in any direction and not hit a base of some kind.  I think we have all branches represented here, even Coast Guard.  My father was not in the military, nor is Mr. Ski, but Mr. Ski's father and both grandfathers were in the Navy.  My grandfather was in the Army (I believe) and my maternal grandmother's 3 husbands have all been military- 1 Navy and 2 Coast Guard.  (Plus she was in the Air Force)  So as you can see, I am connected to the military in quite a few ways.  I admire the men and women who are risking their lives every day, even if I don't agree with the reasons they are doing it.

For my Red Friday mani, I chose Cult Nails Quench, and did an accent with an old Sally Hansen called Very Sexy.  Quench is gorgeous!  In my dim living room light, it looks dark and vampy, but in normal light- sexy red!! Love!!

Isn't it awesome?  I will be pulling this out when True Blood comes back!

Until Later,


Rici said...

Papa was Navy, not Army...but Granddaddy was Army. Grandmama was also Coast Guard Reserves after the Air Force. Plus we now have 2 cousins in the Army and 1 cousin in the Navy. *sigh*

BeauxsMom said...

gorgeous red