Friday, April 15, 2011

Amber is the color of your energy....

First, let me say that "Amber" is my least favorite 311 song ever, LOL.  I just couldn't think of any songs that had my name in it.  (Except for "America the Beautiful!)  Let me know if you know one!

I collect amber jewelry, my grandparents had a jewelry store when I was growing up and gave me several necklaces.  Over the years, my mom has continued the tradition and bought me some as well.  (damn, too bad she didn't name me diamond!  LOL)  Since I have amber jewelry and love it, I thought I would try to find some Amber named polishes.  I haven't really found any that I  like, the all tend to be too bronze- ish.

I (finally) found some Sally Hansen Prisms at my Dollar Tree, and included was Pink Amber.  Of course, I had to give it a try!

sorry about the bad photos, I had to wander around the house to get the colors to show.  The "amber" is not quite the glowy, lit from within color of real amber that I am searching for, but it isn't too bad.  Someday I will have the proper amber color, though seeing how amber comes in so many colors, I guess technically I may already have it, LOL...

Until Later,


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