Tuesday, March 8, 2011

China Glaze Broken-Hearted

This weekend, Mr. Ski stopped in to Sally's to see if they had Crackles and Tronica for me.  (I figured he would see if they had them and let me know so I could go later.)  H e found them, and called me to see which ones I wanted, and brought them home for me!  They only had a few of each left, I guess my Sally's is more popular than I though!

I decided to wear Broken- Hearted first.  I put it over ChG Hologram, the silver from Tronica.  (I forgot to take pictures of Hologram alone, so I will have to post that another day.)  Hologram is very pretty, not as holo as OMG, but it is a pretty scattered holo.

I figured out how the crackles worked pretty quickly, so I think it turned out cool.  I missed this trend the first time, so I was anxious to get these!

Until Later,


Ayesha Monique said...

I love this I cant wait to try it

Anonymous said...

I freaking love the crackles! This is definitely a combo I'm gonna have to try

Danielle said...

Ohh, this looks very nice. i kind of regret not picking up broken hearted when I saw it