Friday, February 25, 2011

I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush

For all you young'uns, that is a line from an REM song... for the rest of you, sorry for the earworm!!

This is one of the polishes Mr. Ski bought for me from the Dollar Tree in Key West, back in November.  It was one of a two pack, the other being a gorgeous purpley-green duochrome- in the bottle only...  on the nail, not so much.  These are by the brand Pro 10, the color is Crush.

I just want to go off on a quick rant here- I keep seeing posts on MUA and blogs about the awesome things people seem to find at their Dollar Trees- old Sally Hansen holos, old Cover Girl Crackles...  All I ever find at mine is LA Colors and the occasional separated mauvey Maybelline.  WTH, Dollar Tree??  What makes it even worse, it that the DT corporate offices are practically in my city!  (there are 7 cities here that are so close together they are all considered one metro area sometimes- I can drive through 3 cities in 15 minutes, LOL)  You would think since they are here, we could get some good stuff too!!  But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. ( 2 points to anyone who can tell me who I ripped that off from, LOL)

Sorry about that, I may have had too much coffee already today....  Now on to the pictures!

My camera seems to freak out with bright colors, but here is Crush...  this is a pretty bright, traffic cone orange with a bit of gold shimmer that really doesn't show up on the nail.

It is a bit brighter in real life...  I got bored and wanted to see what it would look like with a matte topcoat.  It looked like vinyl!!

Kind of looks like a diner booth, doesn't it?  I think I like this color, but I think it will be mainly a summer pedi polish.

Until Later,


KarenD said...

My DT was great for a while--lots of Sally Hansen and Maybelline--but lately it's been sucktastic. I never saw any SH holos at all; it's LA Colors or nothing it seems.

L said...

My DT never has a damned thing! EVER

MissMidnightBlue said...

My DT never have anything either. *shakes fist at DT*

Terni said...

First time I've ever visited your blog, clicked simply bc of the REM reference!

Going to say AMEN to your DT rant, and planning on reading your older posts.

Hey-Hay said...

ughhhh mine either , super annoying. i have 2 in my area and nothing but la colors.