Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stash pictures

Since my NOTD is one that I have already showed you, (ChG Recycle, you can see it here.) I decided to show you my stash.  I keep everything in the bathroom linen closet, since I don't have a spare room to use.

The clear box and the blue crate are my polishes.  Here is a close up of the clear box:

This is mainly China Glaze, with a few OPI, a Zoya, and an Orly thrown in.  I also keep my SV and Restore in here.  (In case you were wondering what the writing on the box says, it says Scrapbook Stuff- I stole the box from my scrapbook stash, LOL!)

Here is a close up of the blue crate:

This has everything else- Rimmel, Cover Girl, Milani, Loreal, etc....   when I first got into polish, my entire stash took up maybe a third of this!!  I counted after I took these pictures- not counting base and top coats, I have 75 polishes!!  I know that isn't much compared to some of y'all, but I started with less than 10 in November...   I need to find more storage, I have more coming from 2 contests I won.  I am not ready for a helmer (nor do I really have room for one) so I am not sure what i am going to use yet.

Anyway, Happy Earth Day, everyone!!

Until Later,


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I was thinking about sharing my stash and counting it while I'm off my feet...I have more than this and enough that I am afraid to count. :)
Check out my blog for what I use to store mine in. Not the BEST solution overall, but I found that 2 layers was also very portable. Once I added a third, not so much. So I'll have to get a fourth and another lid so I can have two portable ones. LOL