Friday, April 2, 2010

NOTD_ ChG C-C-Courage

Sorry I disappeared again, my internet was wonky for a few days!  My, how I have missed y'all!!  I want to thank y'all for the comments on my last post, I really am grateful that you guys hang out here!!

Now on to the polish- I got the entire Wizard of Ooh Ahz (did I spell that right??) a while back, and so far had only tried Dorothy Who? as a pedi.  I decided that I needed some sparkle after the semi-poopy week I had, so I picked C-C-Courage for the color- purple is Easter- ish...

This is 3 coats, 1 coat SV...  remember that it is purple- my camera shows it blue!!

These pictures make it look kind of gritty, but it isn't.  I like this a lot more than I thought I would- the glitter is subtle and the color is very pretty!!

In case I don't get to stop back in, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!

Until Later


Stephanie said...

My C-C-Courage manicure was DEFINITELY gritty. I'm jealous of yours.

WizardsOfBling said...

I want this one! Very pretty.
Happy Easter!