Tuesday, December 22, 2009


While The Princess is eating her lunch, I thought I would pop in... Mr. Ski is taking The Princess to his work Christmas party and then to see Santa for the first time tomorrow. Unfortunately, Ski Jr. starts Christmas break tomorrow, so I don't get any time alone. (He is too old for Santa he says. He just turned 12 on Sunday.)

I decided to do my nails in a pepto pink color. (Wet-n-Wild, can't remember the name.) I wasn't feeling anything I have- I really need some new polishes.... I only have about 10! If anyone out there wants to remedy that... : ) I need to find the cable to my camera so I can post NOTD pics. My Mac doesn't have a card reader, boo!

That's enough babbling for now, I suppose. I need to go and make sure The Princess isn't feeding her lunch to the dog!