Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a safe New Years!

I hope that every one has a safe New Year's. We are staying home with the kiddies tonight. Mr. Ski and I haven't gone out on New Year's eve in many years- just too dangerous! I prefer to spend it at home with family and any friends that want to come by. It is just much safer that way, and I start the new year off surrounded by the people I love!

My resolution this year us to try to be a better mother and wife. (Not that I am a bad one, just I am sure there are things I could do better...) I also am resolving to get the Princess potty trained. Mr. Ski told her that they don't make diapers anymore, so after this pack is done, she has to use the potty. Not sure if that will work- nothing else has so far! Hopefully, in the year to come, she will also start sleeping on her bed all night... : )

Please be safe this New Year's eve, and heres to a wonderful 2010!