Friday, July 8, 2011

Revlon Perplex

Okay, I know I am way behind with this one!  I could never find it, though.  I stalked the drug stores, Big Lots, and anywhere else I could think of and never saw it.  I had to resort to ebay....  I know it is a Chanel dupe, but I couldn't spend that money- I am a tight ass, LOL.

I took quite a few pics of this, trying to show the purple shimmer.  I love colors like this, dark but with a bit of a surprising shimmer.

This is actually the second time I have worn this- for some reason, the first time it looked blah brown...  maybe it was because I was using a cheap top coat, who knows.  I think this will be a favorite this fall though, it is gorgeous.

Until Later,


Madeline said...

I searched high and low for this in Walgreens and Rite Aid and neither got it, but then it finally showed up in Big Lots. I love this one, it's so classy.

Emily said...

I'm wearing Paradoxal right now and it looks juuust like it!

Tristan said...

another amazing color.. love it buddy!

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