Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's not easy being green...

Sorry for the Kermit reference, and I hope that I didn't give you an earworm!  The Princess is on a Muppets kick lately, we have the first season on DVD and I have seen it 90 bajillion times.

The last two polishes I have worn have been green.  I was over the dark, vampy winter colors, so I picked OPI Who the Shrek are You?  I am a huge fan of this color!  It is bizarre, yet pretty.

I wore it for a day or so, and then I started craving the Tronica polishes...  Since I can't go to CosmoProf to get them, I decided to make my own holo.  I put a coat of OPI DS Original over WTSAY and got this:

Not perfect, but it satisfied me for a day, LOL! 

I finally broke down and bought my 2nd Essie polish ever.  I am lazy though, so I ordered from Walmart online..even though there is a Walmart across the street from my neighborhood...  I got Sew Psyched finally!  I am an idiot or waiting so long, this color is gorgeous!  I love the dusty look of it.

I love it, and since I heard it is a dupe for RBL Diddy Mow (which I never got because I am a cheapskate) it makes me even happier that I bought it.  This is definitely one I will be wearing often.

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L said...


Tierney said...

I loooove Who The Shrek Are You? I haven't worn it in quite awhile, the last time I did my stepdad complained constantly about how ugly he thought it was. I think it looks awesome!

Melanie said...

I read your blog alot and I love how you do it. That's why I tagged you!
With love Melanie

jbrobeck said...

I love WtSaY? I only have a mini bottle, I think I need to track down a full size!!! Actually, I liked this entire collection. Great layering too!