Friday, August 6, 2010

I want a yellow holo!!

As I was applying ChG Lemon Fizz the other day, I starting wondering if a yellow holo existed...  I asked on Twitter, and ScandalousAnge said that she had tried to franken one and it didn't work...  well poop!!  So then I decided that maybe a few coats of Cover Girl City Lights over Lemon Fizz would make a yellow scattered holo....  um no....  It looks like Big Bird ate Abby Cadabby and vomited on my fingers! 

Observe the Big Bird glitter vomit:

Sigh...  oh well....  If any polish companies happen to read this, I want a yellow holo!!  Please!

Until Later,


Anonymous said...

I haven't given up yet ;)

maRyya said...

it's very pretty!
i read some pages behind of your blog and it's really nice
i'd be very tankfull if you'd like to add my blog on your blog list
i added yours, too
thanks and congrats!

ilectra said...

GR8 from the China Glaze OMG is a yellow holo. And the Milani 3d has a yellow/gold one thats more yellow then gold.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

You should check out Nubar's sale. Ihought one of their holos was rather yellow-ish? I could be wrong tho, cuz I dont' do yellow and don't pay as close of attention as I could. Good luck!

peripatetic33 said...

oooooh i can just picture a true yellow holo

L said...

LMAO! I wish all colors could be holo'd.

MissMidnightBlue said...

LOL Big Bird glitter vomit. Yellow holo would be interesting to see.

Jackie S. said...

I know how you feel, I was thinking's the same thing when I received a beautiful coral colored polish in a swap..I would love a holo in yellow, coral and especially NEON!!!!!

Tessa said...


Nice blog you got!
I'm follower now :) Maybe you can follow mine too? if you press my name you will get there!:) I will definately check yours again :)

KJ Callaway said...

Sally Hansen has Yellow HD color out now that is a yellow holo.


kelliegonzo said...

haha i love all the "linkdroppers" you've got on here. it's amazing how many people have bad manners these days huh ;)

i actually like the effect, but i know what you mean about it being a fail :P i want a yellow holo too!! and an orange. and a dark green. and a true deep red!